ŠYvette Leong

“There is no such thing as a worthless conversation, provided you know what to listen for.” – James Nathan Miller

At Soulbreath Consulting, we believe that meaningful conversations that go beyond day-to-day operational realities can yield rewarding results for individuals, teams, and even entire organisations. We understand that such conversations are not easy, but they are essential.

Soulbreath Consulting serves our clients by designing and facilitating participatory group processes that lead to meaningful outcomes.

Over the years, we have built up a considerable repertoire of theoretical frameworks, methodologies and practical experience.

Our first priority, though, is our clients’ needs. We strive for a deep understanding of what each client desires, then work closely with them to make it happen. Using a range of structures, frameworks, tools and techniques, we design and facilitate processes that elicit maximum participation, new insights and fruitful results, while contributing towards deep, trustful engagement and consensus-building among teams.

Where appropriate, we also take a futures-oriented approach to the work we do, and support staff capability building in the organisations we work with.

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